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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Savory Organic Brown Rice and Mung Bean Pancakes

Another super healthy breakfast.  I love starting out the day healthy, it puts me in a productive mood and sets the tone for the day.  Savory organic brown rice and mung bean pancakes topped with green beans, mushrooms, and green pepper served with a soy-lime dipping sauce.  High in fiber and protein low carb and low fat - nothing processed but the splash of soy sauce in the dipping sauce.

Last night I cooked up a delicious feast for my boyfriend Anthony and I.  I wish I had photos  :(  It smelled so good we just dug right in - picture fall off the bone lemon-dill chicken legs with potatoes and carrots on a bed of brown rice.  Yep, cooked this one pot wonder for 3+ hours for maximum savorability (i just made up a word) and for me?  I threw in some tofu and mushrooms in the pot and I had full flavored lemon-dill tofu with mushrooms, potatoes, and carrots with brown rice.  The lemon-dill legs will for sure be a daily special on the menu!

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