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Friday, November 23, 2012

Launch delayed to first week of December :(

Great news for me, my mother is coming to visit!!  Her first time back to Thailand in over 15 years and second time visiting me abroad since her and my step-dad spent Christmas with me in Hanoi in 2010.  Because of this i'm pushing the official launch date of Rio's Kitchen to the first week of December so I can spend some much needed time with my lovely mother.  R&D is still in the works, check out the tentative menu:
I'm also super excited for her to come as my mother along with my grandma are the two women in my life that instilled in me a genuine passion for cooking.  I'm sure after her visit there will be some new additions to the menu.. possibly even Filipino inspired!

All suggestions, comments, and criticisms are much appreciated, please send me a message! :)

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