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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Slight changes to the menu and Holiday Hours

Slight changes to the menu.  I've taken the garlic prawns and lemon dill chicken off the meals (you can still order them if you pre-order, just like anything else you see me post online) and replaced them with a delicious light yet filling Summer Spaghetti.  Grilled lemon and herb marinated chicken and green beans tossed with spaghetti in a garlic and butter sauce.   It sounds a bit odd having a "summer" dish so close to Christmas.. but the weather is warm albeit somewhat overcast in Koh Lanta, and this will be my first warm Christmas!  I'm used to bundling up from the cold crisp Los Angeles air or keeping away the chills in dreary, wet, and freezing Hanoi.

 HOLIDAY HOURS:  The 23rd is my Birthday so no deliveries then, sorry!  24th and 25th are limited delivery hours.  Pre-orders are welcome, i'll try to accommodate everyone as best I can.

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