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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


After a week and a half shut, the kitchen is finally going to re-open tomorrow!  Thank you for all your patience while I was in KL and healing up from my accident.  I'm launching an updated menu as well with some new additions and slight changes.  Please take note of the following: 

-  Due to some increased costs, the following are 10THB more:
Salami Melt and Cheese Quesadilla both were priced at 110THB, now 120THB.

-  The Salami Sandwich is now only 100THB from 120THB and does not include Cheddar cheese, cheese is 20THB extra.

-  The grilled cheese has changed to a pesto grilled cheese.

-  The AMC Sandwich, Summer Spaghetti, Chicken Parmigiana, and Stuffed Chicken Breast have been omitted from the new menu.


** Spicy Capsicum Spaghetti ** Chicken Pesto Sandwich ** Chicken Pesto Melt ** Tofu and Mushroom Burritos **

I'm looking forward to filling your bellies! :)

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