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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best "Bur-Rios" EVER.

My Fire Roasted Yellow Pepper Salsa Ranchera Chicken Burritos are the  Yes its a long name.. but plain old "Chicken Burritos" are just not enough to convey the love put into these beautiful big burritos.  Tender delicious chicken legs simmered in a homemade salsa ranchera with fire roasted yellow peppers.  The chicken falls right off the bone and is lovingly wrapped in a handcrafted flour tortilla with refried beans, and Mexican style rice.  Best part about them is that EVERYTHING is made from scratch! YUM YUM YUM!  They were so great i'm doing them again as a special this WEDNESDAY the 13th of February.  150THB - 170THB with Imported Mozarella.  Two burritos to an order, delivered with a side of my homemade fiery hot sauce.  Pre-order to avoid dissapointment! :)

Keep an eye out for more Bur-Rio specials!

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